How To Start Your Own Beauty Business

I know exactly what it's like to be confused, tired, and feel like giving up on your business idea—the frustration of having a brilliant business idea without any startup funds or knowledge on how to start. I have been there, and I even failed my first product. But my story did not stop at failure. I started all over, and I have built a 5-year-old thriving global, individually owned business. You can do this too but without the failure part, and this book can show you how!

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From the writer of The Ultimate Business Startup Checklist and Founder of Eedas Atelier Beauty Inc.

THIS BOOK WILL guide and equip you with

resources and tools to start a sustainable beauty business

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In This Ebook, You'll Find:

The 3 most important things you need to start up your own brand.

A step-by-step guide on how to source for unique cosmetic manufacturers online.

A list of manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, products and packaging from 3 different countries.

4 practical exercises.

A marketing secret that big brands may not want you to know as a small brand owner.

5 key things to consider when building a sustainable business.

Critical lessons learned from the failure of my first product.


When I founded my first business, I struggled so much. I look back now, and I sometimes wish I had someone to give me some pointers on how to get started; it would have saved me at least 2 years of trial and error. The first major risk I took was selling my first car ever to launch my beauty business. I was super excited about the idea of owning a brand, made hasty decisions, and launched my first product with my unregistered company! As you can rightly guess, I failed, and it was woeful.

5 years after my experience with my first product's failure, I can easily tell you what went wrong with my first product launch. I simply did not have the knowledge and tools required to start up the business at the time. This is not because the resources were not available; I just did not have easy access. Over time, I have painstakingly gathered the information, skills, and resources needed to start and grow a sustainable beauty business successfully. I want to empower as many intending beauty business owners as possible.

This book will teach you how I rebuilt my successful beauty business from scratch even after completely failing with my first product ever. It includes details of my successes, continuous growth in the global beauty industry, and guidance on how you too can start your own beauty business.

This book is for you if:

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You would like to start a beauty business but you don’t know where to start.

You have ideas but you need some guidance.

You have started your business but you feel stuck.

You know what products you want to start with but you don’t have a cosmetics lab or manufacturer.

You have once failed in starting up a beauty business (just like me).

You prefer to run your business from the comfort of your home.

Whatever category you fall into, this book will provide insight and guidance into starting and sustaining your own business, based on a real beauty brand owner's personal experience. It also comes with practical exercises that would keep you accountable and help provide results.

This is one book you should read before starting your beauty business.


You can use my experience as a shortcut to your success.

This book provides practical guidance on starting a beauty business and insight into the dynamic world of the beauty industry, written based on my personal experience as the brand owner of Eedas Atelier Beauty Inc.



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